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Guarantor beware: Potential liability without borrower default

Canada - October 21 2021 If you guarantee a loan, you are only responsible to repay the debt if the borrower, as principal obligor, is officially in default, right…

Madeleine Blouin

Garants, soyez à l’affût : Responsabilité potentielle sans défaut de l’emprunteur

Canada - September 28 2021 Si vous garantissez un prêt, vous êtes responsable du remboursement de la dette seulement si l'emprunteur, en tant que débiteur…

Madeleine Blouin

COVID-19 and Derivatives Agreements - Key Issues and Tips for Market Participants

Global - March 24 2020 As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact financial markets world-wide, there may be significant implications for market participants in the…

Timothy Hughes, Lisa Mantello

Impact of COVID-19 on existing credit facilities

Canada - March 19 2020 Access to existing debt facilities is one of the many potential impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the operations and financial health of…

Joyce M. Bernasek, Laura Fric, Sandy Hay