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Identifying the real intruder - ONCA defines the scope of the tort of intrusion upon seclusion

Canada - November 30 2022 The Court of Appeal for Ontario has confirmed that the tort of intrusion upon seclusion cannot be applied to companies collecting and storing…

Craig Lockwood

The Ontario Divisional Court’s preferred approach to the preferable procedure analysis

Canada - October 7 2022 In Curtis v. Medcan Health Management Inc., 2022 ONSC 5176 (Curtis), the Divisional Court overturned the Ontario Superior Court’s dismissal of the…

Craig Lockwood

Canadian Securities Administrators’ proposed climate-related disclosure requirements

Canada - December 3 2021 In recent years, shareholder and stakeholder activism has led to an increased focus on companies’ performance and disclosures on environmental…

Alexander Cobb, Sarah Firestone

Les Autorités canadiennes en valeurs mobilières proposent d’adopter des obligations d’information liée au changement climatique

Canada - December 2 2021 Ces dernières années, l’activisme des actionnaires et des parties prenantes a renforcé l’intérêt porté au rendement et aux informations…

Alexander Cobb, Sarah Firestone

$1.2-million substantial indemnity costs order is cautionary tale for class counsel

Canada - November 17 2021 Class counsel who pursue unmeritorious claims or who unduly complicate proceedings may face significant costs consequences, including costs on a…

Simon Cameron, Lauren Tomasich