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Mandatory vaccinations for employees: What are the issues?

Canada - February 10 2021 While Canada is still in the early stages of its COVID-19 vaccine rollout, given the limited availability and potential interruptions in vaccine…

Sunia Hassan, Kelly O’Ferrall, Shaun Parker, John Salloum

New (and mandatory) COVID-19 screening tool for workplaces

Canada - September 29 2020 Effective September 25, 2020, all businesses in Ontario must screen workers and essential visitors who enter their premises. Workers include staff…

Kelly O’Ferrall

The Ontario Court of Appeal’s latest decision striking down attempts to control severance cost

Canada - June 29 2020 A key way employers control severance cost risk is to hire employees under written employment contracts that specifically limit what the employee’s…

Steven Dickie, Diana Holloway, Kelly O’Ferrall

Ontario government changes the rules on temporary layoff and constructive dismissal due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Canada - June 3 2020 On May 29, 2020, the Ontario government issued a new Regulation 228/20 (the Regulation) intended to adjust termination liability under the Employment…

Steven Dickie, Kelly O’Ferrall, Damian Rigolo, Melanie Simon

Court places decision making for use of PPE in long-term care homes solely in the hands of nurses

Canada - April 27 2020 On April 23, 2020, the Ontario Superior Court issued an order requiring four long-term care homes to provide nurses at their facilities access to…

Susan Newell, Marty Putyra, Michael Watts