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Third party funding in litigation or arbitration: a look at Turkey’s approach

Turkey - December 3 2019 Access to justice is not always equally achievable for all parties, considering the expenses attached to seeking relief through legal proceedings, in…

Serdar Paksoy, Doğuhan Uygun

Resolving disputes in the IT sector

Turkey - September 22 2019 The global information technology industry is on pace to reach USD five trillion in 2019 and as in many developed countries, the IT sector in Turkey…

Stéphanie Beghe Sönmez

Turkey - Disputes in the telecom sector

Global, Turkey - May 16 2019 As a result of the technological boom in the last three decades, the perception and definition of telecommunications have changed, and the telecom…

Stéphanie Beghe Sönmez, Can Yilmaz