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Weed and the Workplace: Recent Developments in New York, Virginia, and Colorado

USA - May 5 2021 Employers take note: recently New York became the 15th state to legalize recreational marijuana use through Senate Bill 854A, and Virginia is not far…

Cassidy Mara, Adrienne Scheffey

Providers: Cyberattacks Are Still Coming-Are You Prepared?

USA - March 22 2021 Cyberattacks against healthcare providers accounted for 79% of all reported data breaches in 2020. (See here). The U.S. Department of Health and…

Melissa S. Zinkil, Beth Alcalde, Karen M. Buesing, Martin G. Burkett, Jeremy Burnette, James M. Burns, Kirk S. Davis, Sarah M. DeFranco, Martin R. Dix, Zarra R. Elias, Stefi N. George, Danielle C. Gordet, Valerie B. Greenberg, Steven Grigas, Marcy Hahn-Saperstein, Christy S. Hawkins, Elizabeth F. Hodge, Philip M. Sprinkle, II, Bill Ide III, William J. Spratt, Jr., Martin L. Monaco, Jr., Henry H. Raattama, Jr., Amanda K. Leech, Bruce D. Platt, Thomas A. Range, Ayman Rizkalla, Amber N. Roberts, Sheryl D. Rosen, Paul J. Rutigliano, Scott T. Silverman, Robert E. Slavkin, Richard L. Spees, Ashlee R. Tising, William L. Weiner, Sidney S. Welch

Paid Sick Leave and Other Relief Coming for Employees Affected by COVID-19

USA - March 15 2020 Employers with fewer than 500 employees will be required to provide up to 80 hours of paid sick leave for certain employees impacted by the…

Scott T. Silverman

Federal Judge Rejects New York Law Prohibiting Mandatory Pre-Dispute Arbitration of Sexual Harassment Claims

USA - July 29 2019 New York’s ban on pre-dispute agreements requiring employees to use arbitration to resolve sexual harassment claims is invalid, a federal judge in…

Paul J. Rutigliano

U.S. Supreme Court Rules that Ambiguous Arbitration Agreements Do Not Authorize Class Arbitration

USA - April 29 2019 Ambiguous language in an arbitration agreement is not a sufficient basis for concluding a party has agreed to class arbitration, the U.S. Supreme…

Paul J. Rutigliano