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EU einigt sich auf Digital Service Act

European Union - December 5 2022 Was offline illegal ist, soll auch online verboten sein - so die Leitidee des neuen Gesetzes über digitale Dienste (Digital Service Act; DSA)…

Michael Reinle

Has the decision of the Belgian Data Protection Authority against IAB Europe shaken the ground on which the adtech industry stands in Europe?

Belgium, European Union, Switzerland - May 20 2022 On 2 February 2022, the Belgian Data Protection Authority found that the transparency and consent framework developed by the Interactive Advertising…

Cornelia Mattig

The never-ending story of the “cookie” set-up

France, Switzerland - February 16 2022 The French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) has fined Facebook (now Meta Platforms, Inc.) EUR 60 million and Google EUR 150 million based on the…

Cornelia Mattig

Die EU anerkennt die Angemessenheit des Datenschutzniveaus im Vereinigten Königreich

European Union, Switzerland, United Kingdom - August 9 2021 Infolge des EU-Ausritts des Vereinigten Königreichs („Brexit“), musste neu über die Angemessenheit des UK-Datenschutzniveaus entschieden werden. Mit…

Lukas Bühlmann

LexCast: Have you been hacked yet?

Switzerland - July 12 2021 MLL has established a Cybersecurity Incident Response Hub, putting a focus on the issue of cybersecurity at the new firm. Although the topic already…

Cornelia Mattig