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When contract boilerplate matters: a case lesson from the credit card

USA - January 28 2015 Those practicing in the payments space know that recorded judicial decisions are few and far between concerning disputes over credit card processing…

William T. Repasky

Your money is no good here: FTC bans telemarketers from accepting four methods of payment

USA - November 25 2015 Telemarketers are now prohibited from accepting four methods of payment that the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) believes allow fraudulent…

William T. Repasky

2017 Shaping Up to be a Busy Year for State-Level Blockchain Legislation

USA - August 4 2017 The first states to officially begin regulating blockchain technology and business did so in 2014, when a guidance document[1] from the Texas…

Courtney Rogers

FinCEN Cracks-Down on Yet Another Alleged Illegitimate Virtual Currency Exchange, Raising More Concerns for Legitimate Exchanges

USA - July 27 2017 The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) takes first action against a foreign-located money service business A bad week for exchanges keeps…

Jeffery T. Gorham

Considerations For A Legislative Definition of “Blockchain”

USA - October 13 2016 It seems like everyone is discussing “blockchain,” but few have taken the time to really define what blockchain is (and is not). In particular, the…

Courtney Rogers