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Income Tax to Be Eliminated in Kentucky?

USA - February 25 2022 Following the Tax Foundation and Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s report published this winter detailing several suggestions for tax reform in Kentucky…

Rachael High Chamberlain, Elizabeth D. Mosley, Daniel G. Mudd, Mark F. Sommer

Court Rules in Favor of More Transparency for Kentucky Taxpayers

USA - May 17 2019 The Kentucky Supreme Court, in upheld all lower court decisions requiring the Department of Revenue (DOR) to make its redacted final rulings publicly…

Mark F. Sommer

What financial institutions need to know about IRS Form 1042-S

USA - February 2 2015 IRS Form 1042-S is a tax form for foreign individuals reporting income from a United States based source. Recent federal law requires that all United…

Joseph J. Dehner