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U.S. Supreme Court Gives Local Government Rare Win in Regulation of Billboards

USA - April 29 2022 The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a long-overdue victory for local governments and their authority to regulate certain signs. The dispute before the…

Thaddeus M. Boggs, Scott D. Phillips, Jesse J. Shamp

Sixth Circuit: Township Tree Ordinance Violates Fifth Amendment

USA - November 5 2021 Recently, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals invalidated a local tree replacement ordinance that required property owners to obtain a permit before…

Philip K. Hartmann, MacKenzie B. Newberry, Jesse J. Shamp

Ohio returns to in-person public meetings

USA - July 29 2021 On July 1, 2021, the House Bill 404 provision, which permitted public bodies to hold their meetings virtually, officially expired. You might be…

MacKenzie B. Newberry

Sixth Circuit Court Rules Chalking Tires Unconstitutional

USA - April 24 2019 The Sixth Circuit ruled this week that the practice of “chalking” car tires by parking enforcement officers to see if the car has been moved violates…

Jesse J. Shamp

The effects of the state Biennial Budget on Ohio school districts

USA - July 6 2015 House Bill 64, Ohio’s Biennial Budget, was signed into law by Governor Kasich on Tuesday, June 30th. Governor Kasich vetoed funding guarantees for…

Thomas B. Allen, Marsha Volk Bugalla, Donald L. Crain, Alexander L. Ewing, Jack B. Hemenway II