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Spare a Thought for Patents When Fighting COVID-19

USA - March 26 2020 Embracing both patents and patented technology may advance the fight against COVID-19. In Italy, the exponential growth of coronavirus cases is…

William S. Morriss

The Use and Legal Ramifications of Artificial Intelligence Entering the Workforce

USA - April 30 2019 Fifty years ago, auto manufacturing plants were filled with thousands of people on large assembly lines. Flash forward to today and these same plants…

Brice C. Smallwood

After News of Data Leak, Google Ramps Up Security and Sunsets Google+

USA - October 9 2018 On October 8, The Wall Street Journal broke the news that, as early as 2015, a flaw in Google’s social media platform, Google+, made it possible for…

Melissa A. Kern, Michael E. Nitardy, Jane Hils Shea

Adding an “S” to IoT: New California Law Requires IoT Security

USA - October 8 2018 California has enacted SB327, which will regulate certain internet-connected devices of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). The law takes effect…

Melissa A. Kern, Jane Hils Shea

California Establishes New Cybersecurity Standards for IoT Devices

USA - October 8 2018 California has signed into law SB-327, which establishes new cybersecurity standards for devices capable of connecting (directly or indirectly) to the…

Melissa A. Kern, Jane Hils Shea