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The Use of Surety Bonds in Health Care - Part II

USA - May 9 2018 This article will go into detail on surety bond requirements that may be imposed on providers of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and…

The Use of Surety Bonds in Health Care

USA - April 30 2018 Ohio State Auditor David Yost has noted that Ohio has millions of dollars of unpaid obligations owed by Medicaid providers and has proposed the use of…

Appellate Court reverses Trial Court’s summary judgment, finding clause not eligible for pay-if-paid treatment

USA - May 22 2012 In Evans, Mechwart, Hambleton & Tilton, Inc. v. Triad Architects, LTD, 2011-Ohio-4979 (10th District), the Tenth District Court of Appeals in Ohio examined a payment clause in a construction contract and determined that summary judgment rendered for an architect should be reversed and, instead, judgment entered in favor its sub-consultant.

Appeals court affirms trade group’s standing to sue for violation of wage and hour regulations

USA - March 10 2011 In its opinion released in October 2010, the Sixth District Court of Appeals in Ohio held that the Ohio Valley Associated Builders and Contractors ("ABC") had statutory standing to present a claim alleging violation of Ohio's prevailing wage laws.

Federal court upholds pay if pay clause as valid defense available to principal and surety

USA - February 24 2011 In a decision filed on January 13, 2011, a Federal District Court in Indiana granted a Motion for Summary Judgment upholding a defense asserted by a surety and its principal based upon a pay-if-pay clause.