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Biden Administration Seeks To Curtail Non-Compete Agreements

USA - July 19 2021 On June 9, President Joe Biden issued his Executive Order on Promoting American Competition in the Economy. The Executive Order proclaims to “promote…

Tessa L. Castner, Richard L. Moore, Ashley L. Oliker

Five Major Changes to Ohio’s Workplace Discrimination Laws

USA - January 15 2021 The Ohio legislature has made significant changes to the laws governing Ohio employers in workplace discrimination cases. Earlier this week, Governor…

Katie M. Collier

Court Rules Misuse of Company Data Not Actionable under CFAA

USA - September 11 2020 Imagine that just before resigning and going to work for a competitor, a group of your employees takes confidential company information from their…

Simon Y. Svirnovskiy

Coronavirus Guidance for Employers

USA - February 28 2020 There are now thousands of cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) detected in at least 47 countries (as of February 27), including the United States…

Erin Escoffery, Jeffrey N. Lindemann

Ohio's Medical Marijuana Bill - What it means for employers

USA - June 27 2016 Earlier this month, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed Ohio House Bill 523 (HB523), authorizing the use of medical marijuana. The bill will be…

Deborah S. Adams