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New Ohio Law Provides Further Flexibility to Ohio Schools for the 2021-2022 School Year

USA - January 5 2022 Governor Mike DeWine recently signed Senate Bill 229 into law. The bill went into effect on December 14, 2021, as an emergency measure. The bill…

Alexander L. Ewing, Jack B. Hemenway II, W. Joseph Scholler

Juneteenth Declared Holiday in Ohio and the U.S.: What are Political Subdivision Impacts?

USA - June 21 2021 On June 17, 2021, President Joe Biden and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine recognized Juneteenth as a national and state holiday. President Biden signed…

Jack B. Hemenway II, Scott D. Phillips

Being Unbiased is Everyone’s Job: Sixth Circuit Upholds Termination of Public Employee for Her Out-of-Work, Public Social Media Post

USA - October 29 2020 When and how public employers should respond to the out-of-work speech of public employees is a complicated but increasingly important topic for…

Catherine F. Burgett, Alexander L. Ewing

Ohio Adds ‘Juneteenth Day’ as Holiday for Counties, Townships, and Schools

USA - July 28 2021 Passed as part of the biennial state budget, House Bill 110, Ohio law now officially recognizes Juneteenth Day as an Ohio holiday. Prior to this…

Jack B. Hemenway II, Scott D. Phillips

Ohio Grants Additional Flexibility to Schools for Year-End Testing and Graduation Requirements

USA - April 12 2021 On March 20, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 67 into law, which went into effect immediately upon signing. The bill grants Ohio schools…

Alexander L. Ewing, W. Joseph Scholler