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Public Officials and Government Facebook Pages: Don’t Block Me, Bro!

USA - October 11 2017 With the rise of social media as the modern public forum for speech and debate, a veritable legal minefield has been created for elected officials who…

Thomas B. Allen

Fed’s advice to Community Banks on Bitcoin: “proceed … with caution”

USA - July 27 2015 Community Banks need to be aware of the risks posed by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, because their prevalence will only increase, writes the Federal…

Joshua S. Rosenblatt

New law to affect Ohio internet sweepstakes establishments

USA - June 28 2012 In recent years, Ohio has experienced a proliferation of retail businesses that are commonly known as "internet sweepstakes establishments." 

Austin W. Musser, Scott D. Phillips

Big Changes Are in Store for Ohio Townships

USA - January 10 2019 On Dec. 21, 2018, Governor Kasich signed House Bill 500 (“Bill”) into law, enacting a number of important statutory amendments impacting Ohio…

Carly M. Sherman

Ohio type-II Annexation Legislation: what you need to know

USA - January 22 2013 At the close of 2012, the Ohio General Assembly passed House Bill 50 ("HB 50") to amend R.C. Sections 349.04, 709.023, and 718.01. The purpose was to…

Austin W. Musser, Scott D. Phillips, Thomas A. Swope