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Indiana Enacts Bill Restricting Employer Vaccine Mandates

USA - March 11 2022 The Indiana General Assembly recently passed House Bill 1001, which restricts employers’ ability to impose COVID-19 vaccination mandates. Governor…

Jennifer A. Rulon, Heather L. Wilson

Recent Changes to Indiana’s Unemployment Insurance Program

USA - May 18 2021 As Indiana’s unemployment rate has dropped, the State announced that changes are coming to Indiana’s unemployment insurance program…

Rebecca L. Loeffler

Indiana General Assembly Passes COVID-19 Immunity Protections

USA - March 11 2021 Providing protections to businesses against COVID-19 lawsuits was a top priority for the Indiana General Assembly heading into the 2021 Legislative…

Jon M. Zarich

Considerations for Employers Implementing Face Mask Policies

USA - July 27 2020 Many states and localities across the country are now issuing orders mandating face masks. For example, effective July 27, Indiana will require…

Erin Escoffery

DOL implements new rule interpreting and limiting joint employer status

USA - January 15 2020 The Department of Labor (DOL) has updated its interpretive guidance about whether two or more individuals or entities are “joint employers” of an…

Jennifer L Bame