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Federal court closes the door on home-loan borrowers’ class action against Morgan Stanley

USA - May 27 2015 In a three-year old class action lawsuit against Morgan Stanley arising out of the collapse of the housing market, the Southern District of New York…

Cory J. Skolnick

Newly enacted legislation prohibits certain amendments to mortgages

USA - May 4 2015 In a relatively unnoticed enactment of the Kentucky General Assembly, KRS § 382.290 and KRS § 382.297 were amended by Senate Bill 148, effective July…

Russell J. Kutell

Supreme Court denies review of “the largest [class] ever certified”

USA - March 10 2015 A class action seeking $9 billion from various flexible polyurethane foam manufacturers will proceed without an immediate interlocutory review from…

Cory J. Skolnick

A divided Supreme Court navigates CAFA to hold that amount-in-controversy evidence need not be submitted with a defendant’s notice of removal, and that there is no “presumption” against removal

USA - December 18 2014 By a 5-4 vote, the United States Supreme Court this week reversed and remanded Dart Cherokee Basin Operating Co. v. Owens to the Tenth Circuit. The…

Cory J. Skolnick