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From the Lodging Conference

USA - October 4 2012 Although the theme for the 18th Annual The Lodging Conference in Phoenix is “Accelerating Towards New Opportunities,” “Cautious Optimism” better describes the prognostications of the experts and mood of the crowd. 

Golden star comes to the rose city

China, USA - July 27 2011 As published in the Daily Journal of Commerce.

Senators in the sheets

USA - July 25 2011 The phrase would ordinarily bring to mind lurid images of politicians acting badly, but not so in California, where the legislature hopes to lend a hand to hard working housekeepers.

Laura Warf

All stimulus is local

USA - December 7 2010 President Obama recently told the New York Times that one thing he has learned on the job is that there is no such thing as a "shovel ready" project.