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FTC Leads Renewed Enforcement Focus on Payment Processors

USA - July 10 2020 Complaints alleging widespread institutional failures in controlling fraudulent payment processing activity; rogue merchants charging consumer…

Jonathan Engel, Dsu-Wei Yuen

Thoughts on the Wave of Payment Processor Mega-Mergers

USA - August 12 2019 There has been an unprecedented wave of consolidation in the U.S. payment processing industry this year, with two major core processors acquiring the…

Kevin Petrasic, Dsu-Wei Yuen

The Evolving Market for Purchase Installment Plans

USA - June 12 2019 Over the past couple of years, consumers have seen a proliferation of installment payment plans to finance the purchase of goods and services. At a…

Brian J. Hurh, Rich Zukowsky

U.S. Supreme Court Sides with Amex in Landmark Card Case

USA - July 11 2018 A divided U.S. Supreme Court sided with American Express Company and American Express Travel Related Services Company (Amex) over Ohio, sixteen other…

Allison A. Davis, Jonathan Engel

A “Bad Apples” Database for Banks? Not So Fast.

USA - May 18 2017 Should banks, while guarding against rolling episodes of misconduct by bankers, have the ability to blackball employees from the banking industry? A…

Monami Chakrabarti, Thomas E. Scanlon