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TV shared services agreements and the FCC ownership review featured on the NY Times front page

USA - May 29 2012 Since the start of the FCC's examination of its multiple ownership rules in anticipation of its Quadrennial Review of these rules, the question of TV shared services agreements has been one raised by public interest groups, suggesting that combinations of local TV stations for news or sales purposes are not in the public interest, as such combinations reduce competition in the local markets.

What is a broadcaster to do when approached by an ad agency buying time for an undisclosed political candidate?

USA - May 24 2012 Does a broadcast station need to book a political ad buy for an agency purporting to be representing a candidate, but refusing to reveal who that candidate is? 

Full text available of settlement on mechanical royalties, as Copyright Royalty Board seeks comments

USA - May 21 2012 Last month, we wrote about the proposed settlement on "mechanical royalties" under Section 115 of the Copyright Act.

$2000 FCC fine for recording telephone conversation - even though the conversation was never broadcast

USA - May 20 2012 The FCC last week proposed to fine a broadcaster for calling someone with their tape recorder running, with the intent to broadcast the taped conversation on the air. 

Radio Music Licensing Committee announces settlement with BMI following settlement with ASCAP - why SESAC is not included

USA - May 15 2012 The Radio Music Licensing Committee has announced a settlement with BMI over music royalties for the public performance of musical compositions for the period from 2010-2016.