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Shanghai free trade zone: a test ground for the new economic reform policies in China

China - August 5 2013 Shanghai mayor Yang Xiong unveiled new plans to develop mainland China's first free trade zone in Shanghai last January. On July 3, 2013, the State…

Elizabeth Chen, Ron (Rongwei) Cai

Labor dispatch under the amended Labor Contract Law of China

China - September 4 2013 Since the Labor Contract Law of China became effective in 2008, many employers have been using labor dispatch to ease the financial and regulatory…

Ron (Rongwei) Cai

New law on customer data protection in China impacting telecom and internet companies

China - August 12 2013 The Rules Regarding the Protection of Personal Information of Telecommunications and Internet Users (the "Rules") were adopted and announced on July…

Ron (Rongwei) Cai

Draft of China’s new Foreign Investment Law

China - January 29 2015 On Jan. 19, 2015, the Ministry of Commerce of China (“MOFCOM”) published the draft of the Foreign Investment Law (“draft”) to solicit public comments…

Ron (Rongwei) Cai, Norman B. (Norm) Page

Governmental authority in accessing private information of internet users in China

China - August 22 2013 The revelation of the U.S. mass data collection program PRISM has triggered a worldwide discussion about the government's access to the private…

Ron (Rongwei) Cai