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Another Court Rules Independent Contractor Not an Employee Under FCRA

USA - August 16 2019 On August 9, a court in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia joined several other district courts in finding consumer…

Cindy D. Hanson

Supreme Court Withholds Clarity for TCPA Litigants

USA - June 21 2019 On June 20, 2019, the Supreme Court issued an uneventful opinion in the highly anticipated case PDR Network LLC, et al. v. Carlton & Harris…

David N. Anthony, Virginia Bell Flynn, Chad R. Fuller, Marlee Waxelbaum, Alan D. Wingfield

FTC Issues Final Rule to Rescind Model Forms and Disclosures to Avoid Overlap with CFPB

USA - June 12 2019 The Federal Trade Commission has issued a Final Rule rescinding several Model Forms and Disclosures it had promulgated under the Fair Credit Reporting…

Amy Pritchard Williams

Supreme Court Confirms Inflexibility of Deadline to Appeal Class Certification Orders

USA - March 12 2019 On February 26, the Supreme Court held in a unanimous decision that the deadline to seek permission for an interlocutory appeal of a decision…

Amy Pritchard Williams

Seventh Circuit Rejects FCRA Plaintiff’s Collateral Attack of Underlying Debt

USA - February 11 2019 The Seventh Circuit recently affirmed judgment in favor of the national consumer reporting agencies (“CRAs”), rejecting a plaintiff’s attempt to…

David N. Anthony, Cindy D. Hanson