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Employers and Others Prepare for New York’s Adult Survivors Act Revival Window Opening November 24

USA - November 22 2022 On November 24, New York’s Adult Survivors Act “revival window” is set to open for adult victims of sexual abuse. Revival windows, also called…

Sophia Dauria, Bennet Moskowitz

More Privacy, Please - November 2022

France, USA - November 14 2022 The California Privacy Protection Agency released amendments to its draft regulations, and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau contemplates…

Tambry Lynette Bradford, Natasha E. Halloran, Angelo A. Stio III, Ronald I. Raether Jr., James Koenig, Robyn Lin, Kim Phan

Washington Court Finds Illinois’ BIPA Does Not Apply Outside the State

USA - October 24 2022 On October 17, a U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington issued an order and judgment, ending two related putative class actions…

Robyn Lin

More Privacy, Please - October 2022

European Union, USA - October 17 2022 In the U.S. laws and regulation space, the White House is focusing on privacy, evident through its session on accountability for big tech and the…

Jack Altura, Jenny Ji, Ronald I. Raether Jr., James Koenig, Robyn Lin, Gerar Mazarakis, Lissette Payne, Alexandria Pritchett

Deadline for New UK Contract Requirements for Personal Data Transfers Is Here (EU and California Deadlines Looming)!

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - September 27 2022 There are new United Kingdom (UK), European Union (EU), U.S., and global regulatory requirements that just went into effect or will be effective…

Brent T. Hoard, Jonathan M. Ishee, Ronald I. Raether Jr., James Koenig, Robyn Lin, Joel M. Lutz, Peter T. Wakiyama, Brandon Woods