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CFPB Files Cert Petition Requesting Expedited Review of Fifth Circuit Decision Finding Funding Structure Unconstitutional

USA - November 16 2022 As discussed here, on October 19, a three-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals held that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s…

David N. Anthony, Stefanie H. Jackman, Jeremy T. Rosenblum, Chris Willis

Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Challenges to Agency Enforcement Proceedings

USA - November 10 2022 Do district courts have jurisdiction to hear constitutional challenges to federal agencies, or must plaintiffs first raise such challenges in…

Stefanie H. Jackman, Chris Willis

Initial Reactions to the Fifth Circuit CFSA Decision

USA - October 21 2022 Please join Consumer Financial Services Partner Chris Willis and his colleague Partner Misha Tseytlin to discuss the Fifth Circuit’s decision in…

Chris Willis

Eleventh Circuit En Banc Panel Reverses Controversial Hunstein Decision

USA - September 12 2022 In a much anticipated decision released September 8, an en banc panel of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the district court’s decision…

David N. Anthony, Keith J. Barnett, Jonathan P. Floyd, Stefanie H. Jackman, Ethan G. Ostroff, James K. Trefil

Air & Climate Report: August 2022

USA - August 11 2022 In the world of air quality and climate change, summer 2022 began with a bang, as the Supreme Court finally spoke on the merits of EPA’s efforts to…

Chris E. Bergin, M. Buck Dixon, William M. Droze, Morgan M. Gerard, Emily Guillaume, Melissa Horne, Byron Kirkpatrick, Mack McGuffey, Gregory S. Narsh, Shawn J. O’Brien, Jerrold Samford, Brooks M. Smith, Andrea W. Wortzel