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FERC Has Upcoming Technical Conferences and Workshops Covering Electric Resource Adequacy, the Office of Public Participation, Data Collection for Market-Based Rates, Electrification and the Grid, and Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events

USA - March 12 2021 FERC is hosting a number of workshops and technical conferences over the next several months. They are as follows…

Miles Kiger

FERC Exempts Certain Demand Response Programs from NYISO’s Buyer-Side Market Power Mitigation Rules

USA - February 26 2021 On February 18, 2021, FERC denied a rehearing request for an order it issued in October of 2020 that stated that payments received under the…

Adrienne L. Thompson

FERC Rejects NERC’s Proposal to Replace Its Audit Process and Directs NERC to Conduct Audits of Regional Entities; Proposes that NERC Submit 3-year Performance Assessments

USA - January 28 2021 On January 19, 2021 FERC issued an order on the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (“NERC”) compliance filings submitted pursuant to…

Elizabeth J. McCormick

WER Episode 1.28.2021 With Daniel Archuleta and Miriam Archibong

USA - January 28 2021 The Washington Energy Report Audiocast is a weekly publication produced by the Troutman Pepper Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) practice…

Daniel Archuleta

FERC Finalizes Rules Permitting Fuel Cell System to Qualify as Cogeneration QFs

USA - December 24 2020 On December 17, 2020, FERC issued a final rule permitting Solid Oxide Fuel Cell systems with integrated natural gas reformation equipment to be…

Elizabeth J. McCormick