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2022 Updates to the AdvaMed Code: What You Need to Know

USA - March 23 2022 On March 18, the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) announced revisions to its Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health Care…

Allison DeLaurentis

The 2021 Anti-Kickback Statute Year in Review and 2022 Outlook: What’s Old Is New

USA - February 28 2022 In a year consumed with vaccinations (or lack thereof) and the continued odyssey of the global pandemic, the health care fraud enforcement landscape…

Allison DeLaurentis

DOJ Announces Major Changes to Its Corporate Enforcement Policies

USA - November 2 2021 The Department of Justice (DOJ) has once again raised the bar for corporations seeking cooperation credit in Government Investigations. Last Thursday…

Allison DeLaurentis, Jordi de Llano

The AKS “Means What It Says” — But Some Manufacturers and Patients Are Still Between a Rock and a Hard Place on Copay Assistance

USA - October 11 2021 In a highly watched case relating to the ability of pharmaceutical manufacturers to support patient copay assistance, the Southern District of New…

Allison DeLaurentis, Jordi de Llano, Michael A. Schwartz

Senate Proposal Opens the Door for Increase in State Attorneys General Antitrust Lawsuits

USA - October 7 2021 On September 23, the U.S. Senate advanced legislation that puts all businesses at risk of defending antitrust lawsuits across different jurisdictions…

Barbara T. Sicalides, A. Christopher Young