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District Court Grants Summary Judgment for Background Screener for Both Negligent and Willful 1681e(b) Claims Related to Reporting of Outdated Eviction Records

USA - May 10 2022 In July 2021, the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts granted summary judgment to a background screening company regarding the…

Megan Burns

Federal Court Grants Summary Judgment Holding Reporting of Loan During COVID-19 Forbearance as Accurate

USA - February 25 2022 In December 2021, a federal judge granted a motion for summary judgment in Mitchell v. Specialized Loan Servicing LLC, holding that defendant…

David N. Anthony, David M. Gettings, Ronald I. Raether Jr., Robyn Lin

Federal Court Remands Case Holding That ICRAA Statutory Damages Limited to One Penalty Per Background Report

USA - February 23 2022 On January 26, a federal judge granted plaintiff Maria Garcia’s (Garcia) motion to remand on the basis that the amount in controversy was below the…

David N. Anthony, David M. Gettings, Ronald I. Raether Jr., Robyn Lin

California Judge Dismisses FCRA and CCRAA Complaint

USA - January 19 2022 Recently, a district judge in California granted a Defendant’s motion to dismiss in Koeut v. Navient Corp., ruling that the plaintiff failed to…

Mary Kate Kamka, Robyn Lin

Minnesota Governor Restricts Debt Collectors from Working in the Office

USA - April 1 2020 On March 27, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz clarified that Executive Order 20-20, which directed Minnesota residents to stay at home, applies to debt…

Ethan G. Ostroff