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Chief Counsel to OIG says it will update guidance for entities

USA - October 8 2012 At a recent conference, Greg Demske, the new Chief Counsel to the OIG, said that his office will be issuing new guidance explaining how OIG will resolve cases where an entity hires or contracts with an excluded individual. 

Civil fraud by the numbers

USA - October 18 2012 The Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued an interesting report in September that analyzed civil and criminal healthcare fraud cases. 

OIG “okay’s” hospice volunteer assistance to non-qualifying terminally ill patients

USA - November 15 2012 In a recent advisory opinion, the OIG stated that it would not seek sanctions against a hospital-based hospice agency for providing certain volunteer services to terminally ill patients who did not qualify for the hospice benefit.

Barbara L. Miltenberger.

OIG projects $6.9 billion in recoveries from audits and investigations

USA - November 30 2012 In its Semi-Annual Report to Congress, OIG announced that expected recoveries for FY 2012 are $6.9 billion. 

Federal government threatens to prosecute providers who use electronic health records to commit fraud

USA - September 25 2012 The heads of both the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) sent a joint letter on Monday, September 24, to five hospital industry groups, including the American Hospital Association, threatening to prosecute providers that use electronic health records (EHR) to “game” the system and improperly obtain federal monies for which they are not entitled.