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Asset management and private equity in Mozambique - Part III

Mozambique - November 30 2022 As in all other market economies, Mozambique has identified the need to promote investment in the capital markets through investment funds:…

Clara Almeida, Pedro Capitão Barbosa, Mara Rupia Lopes

Keyman Clauses: When the Roots are Deep, There is No Reason to Fear the Wind

Portugal - November 22 2022 Private equity has now established itself as a “mainstream” asset class, and an extremely successful one judging from the returns achieved by many of…

João Serra Baptista, Pedro Capitão Barbosa

The MiFID II Quick Fix

European Union, Portugal - November 22 2022 After its implementation in 2004, Directive 2004/39/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004 on markets in Financial…

Pedro Capitão Barbosa, Sofia Araújo Matias

Asset Management and private equity in Mozambique- Part II

Mozambique - November 2 2022 Pursuant to Decree-Law No. 1/2022 of 25 May, the first Commercial Code approved by Decree-Law No. 2/2005 of 27 December was revoked and a new…

Pedro Capitão Barbosa, Mónica Moti Guerra

Asset management and private equity in Mozambique - Part I

Mozambique - September 30 2022 This article provides a brief introduction of the main statutes and actors involved in regulation of the financial sector in Mozambique and is the…

Pedro Capitão Barbosa, Mara Rupia Lopes, Paula Duarte Rocha