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Business and Human Rights: Energy and extractives in a changing landscape of new generation trade agreements protecting and promoting both trade and human rights

Global - May 14 2021 Allegations of genocide, forced labour, or widespread abuse of minorities in various countries fill the airspace daily; governments are increasingly…

Mael Clerc

European Court Clears Path for International Investment Court Established Under Canada-EU CETA

Canada, European Union, USA - May 8 2019 The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (“CETA”) is a free-trade agreement between Canada and the European Union. While most of the treaty’s…

Iain MacVay

United States and European Union Publish Lists of Products That May Be Subject to Retaliatory Tariffs

European Union, USA - April 22 2019 After more than a decade of World Trade Organization (“WTO”) disputes over aircraft subsidies, the United States and European Union have published…

Clinton R Long (Clint), Stephen J. Orava, Bradford L. Ward

Negotiating Objectives Released for U.S.-EU Trade Agreement

European Union, USA - January 28 2019 The United States Trade Representative (“USTR”) and the European Commission (the “Commission”) released their objectives for negotiating a trade…

Daniel Crosby, Iain MacVay, Stephen J. Orava