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The Potential of Wave Power

Global, USA - May 14 2021 Wave power is a type of hydroelectric power that relies on the capture of energy held by ocean waves. Like wind and solar power, wave power has the…

Evelina Petraviciute

Environmental Justice Rises to the Forefront of EPA Policy

USA - May 14 2021 With the Biden Administration’s appointees now in place, environmental justice (EJ) is moving to the forefront of agency action and policy. This will…

Michael R. Leslie, Granta Y. Nakayama

EPA Issues Compliance Advisory on Renewable Fuels, Additives and Distillates Requirements Under the Toxic Substances Control Act

USA - February 5 2021 On December 22, 2020, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a Compliance Advisory under the Toxic Substances Control Act (“TSCA”) concerning…

Cynthia A.M. Stroman

Climate Change Litigation on the Horizon with Trump Environmental Overhaul

USA - September 16 2020 On July 16, 2020, President Trump’s Council on Environmental Quality (“CEQ”) published the long-awaited final rule revising the implementing…

I. Cason Hewgley IV, Nikesh Jindal

Beyond COVID-19: How to Plan for the Future of Energy Transition

USA - May 11 2020 There is widespread agreement that, at least in the short-term, the COVID-19 pandemic will pose significant challenges for the Clean Energy sector…

Simon Maynard