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Actual data, not estimates, are needed for informed statements about risk associated with radon in natural gas

USA - November 5 2015 Actual measurements and evaluation of potential exposure pathways demonstrate that claims of risk of harm due to radon in shale gas produced by…

Bruce Hurley

Reported relationship between indoor radon concentrations and unconventional Marcellus Shale drilling must be interpreted with caution

USA - May 8 2015 Johns Hopkins researchers recently published a paper titled, "Predictors of Indoor Radon Concentrations in Pennsylvania, 1989-2013," in Environmental…

Federal district court ruling in Fukushima Daichi case has implications for global nuclear liability management

USA - January 6 2015 A recent ruling in Cooper v. Tokyo Electric Power Company, No. 12-CV-3032, S.D. Cal., Oct. 28, 2014, one of three lawsuits filed in the United…

Scott A Greer

Pennsylvania and Ohio regulatory efforts regarding NORM/TENORM in oil and gas production wastes

USA - November 3 2014 The following is a summary of the steps that regulators in Pennsylvania and Ohio have taken to address the presence of radioactive materials in shale…

Marcellus Shale: implications of Ohio DNR’s report regarding the Youngstown tremors

USA - April 1 2012 On December 31, 2011, an earthquake, measuring 4.0 on the Richter scale, shook Youngstown, Ohio.

Drew T Bell