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Retailers face class action risk from "phantom discount" and "continuous sale" claims

USA - October 15 2015 National retailers, including companies like Kohl's, Sears, and Justice, are facing a wave of class litigation relating to discount sales and pricing…

Claire Carothers Oates

Eleventh Circuit ruling raises question as to continued enforceability in federal court of class action prohibition in Georgia’s Fair Business Practices Act

USA - July 15 2015 As the Eleventh Circuit has recognized, Georgia's Fair Business Practices Act ("GFBPA") expressly precludes class actions. The continued viability of…

David Balser, Jonathan R Chally (Jon), S Stewart Haskins II (Stewart), Stephen B. Devereaux, Barry Goheen

California's automatic renewal statute creates risk of class action litigation

USA - September 22 2014 California's General Assembly enacted a statute in 2009 that purports to prevent California residents from unknowingly agreeing to automatic renewals…

David Balser, Claire Carothers Oates

“Predatory lending” claims by cities and counties against financial institutions escalate in 2014

USA - June 17 2014 Cities and counties that have experienced increased foreclosure and vacancy rates in the aftermath of the housing market crash of 2007-2008, perhaps…

David Balser

Recent Supreme Court rulings on class actions

USA - October 2 2013 The Supreme Court continued to focus on class action litigation during this term, handing down a number of significant rulings relating to…

Jonathan R Chally (Jon)