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U.S. Department of Commerce seeks applicants for Manufacturing Council by October 14, 2014

USA - October 1 2014 The U.S. Department of Commerce announced the renewal of the Manufacturing Council on April 5, and it is currently seeking applications for the…

Patrick J Togni (Pat)

United States claims victory as WTO appellate body issues report in dispute over China's rare earth export restraints

China, USA - September 2 2014 On August 7, 2014, the World Trade Organization (WTO) Appellate Body upheld a March 2014 Panel decision regarding China's export restrictions on rare…

Joseph A. Laroski Jr.

Revised WTO Government Procurement Agreement enters into force

Global, USA - May 2 2014 The revised Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) of the World Trade Organization (WTO) entered into force on April 6. It will benefit businesses in…

Marcus Sohlberg

Steel trade cases go forward with affirmative ITC votes

USA - January 3 2014 During the fourth quarter of 2013 there were affirmative, preliminary injury determinations by the International Trade Commission ("ITC") in…

Prentiss Lee Smith Jr (Lee)

Selig nominated as Undersecretary of ITA

USA - December 2 2013 On November 6, 2013, President Obama tapped Bank of America's executive Vice President of global corporate and investment banking, Stefan M. Selig…

Prentiss Lee Smith Jr (Lee)