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Trans-Pacific Partnership IP Provisions Remain At Forefront As Scrutiny Of Text

Global, USA - December 30 2015 With the working text (comprising 30 Chapters, multiple Annexes, over 100 bilateral side letters, and well over 5,500 pages) of the 12-country…

Joseph A. Laroski Jr.

Comprehensive U.S. trade legislation finally arrives—an overview of its key components

USA - June 26 2015 While most of the Congressional trade debate has centered around whether to renew Trade Promotion Authority (so-called "fast track" authority) and the…

Joseph A. Laroski Jr., J. Michael Taylor

With Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations concluded, administration turns to clearing domestic hurdles

Global, USA - December 3 2015 The working text (all 5,500+ pages) of the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) was released to the public on November 5. This text…

Joseph A. Laroski Jr.

Senate includes Buy American requirement in Water Resources Development Act of 2013

USA - May 16 2013 The United States Senate passed the Water Resources Development Act of 2013 by an overwhelming 83-14 margin on May 15, 2013. The legislation included…

Patrick J Togni (Pat), J. Michael Taylor, Mark Wasden

Congress, WTO turn up the heat on COOL

USA - June 26 2015 Lost amidst the debate over Trade Promotion Authority, Trade Adjustment Assistance, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, the House recently…

Thomas J Spulak, Michael A. Andrews, Joseph A. Laroski Jr., Caitlin Swauger