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Legal privilege of corporate internal investigations under US law—2019 caselaw update

USA - December 19 2019 Understanding the boundaries of legal privilege in corporate internal investigations is critical. When counsel, either internal or external…

Brian L. Rubin, Jack Massey, Lewis S. Wiener, Matt Gatewood, Samir A. Aguirre, Sarah E. Paul, Scott R. McLaughlin.

HAL are you ADA compliant? Recent suits raise questions about digital kiosk compliance under ADA

USA - September 13 2019 A recent spate of suits against several major retailers has raised questions about whether self-service checkouts and other kiosks must comply with…

Alexander P. Fuchs, Emily A. Bork, Lewis S. Wiener.

Passing the eye test—Defense strategies and the Biometric Information Privacy Act

USA - September 10 2019 As the use of biometric data continues to grow and become more prevalent across industries of all types and sizes, complying with data security and…

Emily A. Bork, Francis X. Nolan, IV, Lewis S. Wiener, Mark D. Herlach, Mary Jane Wilson-Bilik, Michael Bahar, Sarah E. Paul, Sarah Q. Chaudhry, William S."Bill" Dudzinsky, Jr..

Deference or preference - looking ahead at the impact of the US Supreme Court’s indecision on questions of agency authority

USA - August 8 2019 The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is one of the most frequently litigated statutes, spurring individual, and more often, national class…

Alexander P. Fuchs, Emily A. Bork, Francis X. Nolan, IV, Lewis S. Wiener, Ronald W. Zdrojeski, Samir A. Aguirre, Thomas M. Byrne, Valerie S. Sanders, Wilson G. Barmeyer.

Survival of the deference—Auer deference evolves in Kisor v. Wilkie

USA - June 27 2019 On June 26, 2019, the US Supreme Court handed down a long-awaited decision in Kisor v. Wilkie, a case that challenged Auer deference, a long-standing…

David A. Baay, David M. McCullough, Garrett A. Gibson, Jack Massey, Matt Gatewood, Ronald W. Zdrojeski, Susan G. Lafferty.