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The march to regulatory change for artificial intelligence: the commonalities between the EU and US

European Union, OECD, USA - March 7 2023 This briefing links up some commonalities between the EU and US in terms of the AI march to regulatory change. Our global regulatory specialists have…

Lorna Doggett, Deepa S. Menon, Carolyn Sullivan

NAIC survey finds that overwhelming majority of Private Passenger Auto Insurers use or plan to use Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for their insurance operations

USA - March 6 2023 In December 2022, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (H) Working Group published a…

Maureen Emmert Adolf, Daniel P. McCarty, Daren L. Moreira, John S. Pruitt

A measured approach | US Cybersecurity and Data Privacy review and update: Looking back on our 2022 articles to help navigate 2023

USA - March 1 2023 The past year’s trends in privacy and cybersecurity are intensifying in 2023, with heightened threats, increased regulations, and elevated…

Michael Bahar, Leslie C. Bender, Chris Bloomfield, Melissa L. Fox, Francis X. Nolan, IV, Janell R. Johnson, Pooja Kohli, Rachel M. May, Deepa S. Menon, Jay P. Patel, Sarah E. Paul, Melanie L. Ramey, Alexander F. L. Sand, Tanvi Shah, Ian S. Shelton, Brandi A. Taylor, Rebekah Whittington

States prevail over Delaware in unclaimed property case at the Supreme Court

USA - March 1 2023 All nine Supreme Court Justices sided with a group of 30 states in a dispute with Delaware over hundreds of millions of dollars of unclaimed checks…

Wilson G. Barmeyer, Bianca R. Spinosa, John Allen Zumpetta

Colorado Division of Insurance’s first installment of regulations prohibiting the use of external consumer data and algorithms and what’s to come

USA - February 10 2023 On February 1, 2023, the Colorado Division of Insurance (CDI) released a draft of the first of several regulations to implement S.B. 21-169…

Atiana J. Johnson, John S. Pruitt, Meghana D. Shah, Cynthia R. Shoss