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Sanctions on polysilicon from Xinjiang threaten solar panel supply chains

China, USA - June 15 2021 In 2019, the US imposed sanctions against China in reaction to “serious human rights abuse against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang . . .” The sanctions…

Jeffrey P. Bialos, Vedia Biton Eidelman, Ginger T. Faulk, Mark D. Herlach

US imposes new sanctions on Russia

Russia, USA - April 22 2021 While the Biden Administration desires a “stable and predictable” relationship with Russia, it has now made it clear that it will take “actions to…

Jeffrey P. Bialos, Vedia Biton Eidelman, Ginger T. Faulk, Mark D. Herlach, Michael M. Petrov

Financial Crime Horizon scanner - Q1

USA - March 24 2021 The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 strengthened the US government's ability to seek foreign bank records…

Andrea L. Gordon, Sarah E. Paul, Daniel G. Strickland

Financial Crime Horizon scanner - Q3

USA - September 22 2020 The Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs provides guidance to prosecutors conducting an investigation of a corporation and determining whether…

Andrea L. Gordon, Pooja Kohli, Sarah E. Paul, Daniel G. Strickland

US Trade Representative launches investigations of DSTs of numerous trading partners

USA - June 5 2020 On June 2, 2020, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced that it is beginning investigations under Section 301 of the…

Robert Christoffel, Jeffrey A. Friedman, Mark D. Herlach, Robert S. Chase II, Dennis Jansen, Allison E. Speaker