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Illinois Department of Revenue finds that the occasional sales exemption does not apply to marketplace sales

USA - June 24 2021 In letter ruling ST 21-0003, the Illinois Department of Revenue considered sales made by a nonprofit organization that previously qualified for the…

Jonathan A. Feldman, Jeremy Gove

Taxable data processing does not include payment processing services in Texas

USA - June 22 2021 In an effort to curb the Texas Comptroller's recent expansion of the tax imposed on data processing services, the Texas legislature has specifically…

Jonathan A. Feldman, Jeremy Gove

Illinois determines that web-based fleet management service is not subject to sales and use tax

USA - June 17 2021 The Illinois Department of Revenue Issued letter ruling ST 21-0001, addressing the retailer’s occupation tax and use tax treatment of a company’s…

Jonathan A. Feldman, Jeremy Gove

Consulting service not taxable even if it provides access to software in New York

USA - June 16 2021 The Department of Taxation and Finance recently issued advisory opinion numbered TSB-A-20(63)S (dated November 17, 2020) in which it concluded that…

Jonathan A. Feldman, Jeremy Gove

Digital tax bytes - Weekly update

Canada, European Union, USA - June 12 2021 On June 16, 2021, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen testified before the Senate Finance Committee regarding the 2022 Fiscal Year budget and spoke on a…

Jonathan A. Feldman, Jeremy Gove, Robert S. Chase II, Caroline C. Setliffe, Lucy W. Zhang