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Voluntary Carbon Markets: What next?

USA - September 21 2022 Part of our Energy Transition series, the panel explores types of transactions in the voluntary carbon market, dynamics between buyers and sellers…

Susan G. Lafferty

Mitigating risks of greenwashing litigation

USA - September 21 2022 On July 28, 2022, a group of environmental nonprofits filed a lawsuit in Washington D.C. Superior Court against a utility alleging that various…

David A. Baay, Garrett A. Gibson, Susan G. Lafferty, Jay P. Patel

President Biden to announce executive climate actions; Does not declare national emergency

USA - July 20 2022 On July 20, 2022, President Biden delivered an address on climate change. Despite heavy pressure by many in Congress and environmental groups to…

Bonnie R. Burke, Susan G. Lafferty

Supreme Court decides West Virginia v. EPA, limits EPA authority in narrow opinion

USA - July 1 2022 On Thursday, June 30, 2022, the United States Supreme Court issued its decision in West Virginia v. EPA, striking down the Obama-era Clean Power Plan…

Joshua L. Belcher, Susan G. Lafferty, David M. McCullough

Biden Administration takes unprecedented action on solar panel imports

USA - June 6 2022 Today, the Biden Administration took two separate, complementary actions in a response to intense political pressure arising from the ongoing dispute…

Mark D. Herlach