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USA - December 1 2015 Click here to view table.

Matthew J. Conigliaro

Changes in the law part 2: when appellate counsel are called upon to be fortune tellers

USA - August 14 2015 Several months ago, we reported on a case in which a Florida court ruled that in order to take advantage of a change in the law, a party must first…

They didn’t teach you this in law school: preserving error as to PowerPoint presentations at trial

USA - June 30 2015 Today, it is rare for a trial to take place without the use of PowerPoint presentations. They most often appear during opening statement, the…

Steven Blickensderfer

Changes in the law - when trial counsel are called upon to be fortune tellers

USA - March 11 2015 The recent case Baker v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., 2015 WL 671192 (Fla. 4th DCA Feb. 18, 2015), underscores the significance of objecting at trial…

Namrata S. Joshi

Motions in limine, contemporaneous objections, and the need to adequately preserve the record

USA - December 22 2014 You have filed your motions in limine and obtained rulings prior to trial. You put the motions in a box in the back of the courtroom and figure all…

Julianna Thomas McCabe