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Family Law: Corporate and Trust Challenges to Service of Process and Jurisdiction

USA - December 21 2016 The president of a corporation, manager of a limited liability company, trustee of a family trust, or principal of another business entity receives a…

Edith G. Osman

Update Beneficiary Designations After Divorce or Annulment

USA - December 16 2016 On July 1, 2015, the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal held, with a few exceptions, upon entry of a final judgment of dissolution or annulment…

Edith G. Osman

Domestic partnership agreements: FAQs

USA - August 31 2015 Marriage contracts between two people who plan to marry are prenuptial agreements or antenuptial agreements. Marriage contracts between…

Edith G. Osman

Domestic partnership agreements: financial disclosures and privacy

USA - August 24 2015 To reduce risk of later attack on the domestic partnership agreement, domestic partners should make fair and reasonable financial disclosures to each…

Edith G. Osman

Domestic partnership agreements: survivor’s rights on death

USA - August 17 2015 Florida law provides for various death benefits if a married person predeceases his or her spouse and they have no premarital or postnuptial…

Edith G. Osman