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Be Wary About A Trial Court's Assurances of Preservation

USA - August 3 2016 Imagine a trial judge is trying to move things along at a charge conference. An issue arises, trial counsel begins to voice objections, and the judge…

Avoiding Trouble Following In Limine Rulings

USA - March 1 2016 Trials often are preceded or interrupted by hearings on motions in limine, where parties attempt to limit the evidence or arguments that their…

Quick Trial Checklist

USA - December 1 2015 Click here to view table.

Wendy F. Lumish

4 ways not to preserve objections to jury instructions

USA - October 8 2015 The trouble began with an off-the-record charge conference. Both sides proposed standard breach of contract jury instructions, but the defendant…

Proffers 101: when to make your offer of proof

USA - May 4 2015 Where a party challenges a trial court’s ruling excluding testimony, appellate courts generally require the substance of the excluded evidence to…