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What Can the Local Government Do About This Land Use Ordinance Violation?

USA - August 3 2018 We spend a lot of time in this space talking about land use ordinances. But what about the tools deployed in the event of a violation of those…

Michael C. Thelen

Grandfathering and Continuing Nonconformities in North Carolina

USA - February 15 2018 Last time, linked here, we introduced you to the concept of nonconformity laws in North Carolina. This time, we’ll spend some energy discussing the…

Michael C. Thelen

A Primer on Zoning Nonconformities in North Carolina

USA - February 13 2018 Zoning laws, like any other laws, can change from time to time. What happens if your structure, lot, or use is permitted under an existing law, but…

Michael C. Thelen

Developer-Buyer Beware: Calling Assumed Improvement Bonds In North Carolina Can Be Complex

USA - December 14 2017 In 2007, Developer Clarion-Reames, LLC (“Clarion”) sought to construct a residential housing development in Charlotte, North Carolina. Clarion…

Michael C. Thelen

Alleging and Proving Standing to Challenge Rezoning

USA - November 27 2017 In the recently-decided Cherry Community Organization v. City of Charlotte, the North Carolina Court of Appeals determines that standing to bring a…

Michael C. Thelen