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Data Breaches and Educational Institutions

USA - July 18 2019 Five things schools, colleges and universities can do this summer to address data privacy and protect against cybersecurity threats…

Marjorie Spivak, Taylor Ey.

State Sovereignty 101: State Universities Not Immune to IPR Proceedings

USA - June 18 2019 School may be out for the summer, but public colleges and universities would do well to spend their break shoring up strategies and defenses against…

Jeffrey S. Whittle, Kristin Lamb, Mark D. Shelley II.

Recent Court Decisions Clarify Rights and Status of Education Management Organizations Operating Charter Schools

USA - May 7 2019 Court cases involving charter schools and education management organizations (“EMO”) have been rare in North Carolina. Two decisions issued this…

Matthew F. Tilley, Sarah Motley Stone.

Are Non-Covered Activities And Programs At Your Campus/Institution Leaving You Overly Vulnerable to HIPAA? A “Hybrid” Designation Can Reduce Risks for HIPAA Compliance and Fines -- But be Careful to Do It Right!

USA - October 15 2018 If an institution doesn’t designate which functions are and are not covered by HIPAA, the assumption is that all activities fall under the HIPAA…

Alissa D. Fleming.

Back to School: Preparing for Campus Unrest

USA - August 23 2017 In the wake of the deadly Charlottesville protests, institutions of higher education are under heightened pressure to prepare their campuses for…

Beth Tyner Jones, Rebecca Fleishman.