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The Opportunity Economy: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for 2022

USA - December 14 2021 In late 2021, a variety of factors—including the evolving…

D. Scott Anderson, Caressa D. Bennet, Luke Cass, Alissa D. Fleming, Mike Ingersoll, Dr. Christian E. Mammen, Charlie McCurry, Antonia A. Peck, Dean Rutley, Sarah Motley Stone, Joe D. Whitley

Report: DOJ Launches Investigation into Alleged Energy Pricing Benchmark Fraud

USA - October 5 2021 Investigators with the U.S. Department of Justice reportedly are investigating energy pricing benchmarks published by Platts, targeting suspected…

Luke Cass, Jasmine Chalashtori, William D. Curtis, Chukwukpee Nzegwu

Antitrust Regulation And The Labor Market

USA - August 30 2021 Employment-related antitrust regulation is intensifying amid a volatile labor market so we've asked David Hamilton and Sarah Motley Stone, two of…

Sarah Motley Stone

Opportunity Economy: Risks in Antitrust Enforcement

USA - August 26 2021 The Biden administration's recent executive order takes a hard line on limits to employment mobility, such as non-compete agreements…

Mark P. Henriques, Sarah Motley Stone

Wage Fixing & Anti-Poaching Defense: Feds Take New, Aggressive Stand on No-Poach/Non-Solicit Agreements

USA - August 11 2021 Federal regulators are taking an increasingly hard line on what are normally ordinary business operations that regulators view as suppressing wages…

Jason C. Hicks, Benita N. Jones, Christopher W. Jones, Sarah Motley Stone