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Enhanced Legality in the Worlds of Virtual and Augmented Reality

USA - February 6 2017 As every law student knows, there can be no legal or criminal ramifications to mere thoughts. We are free to consider, ruminate or fantasize to our…

Roy Keidar, Nimrod Vromen

Israel's blockchain startups look to disrupt more than banking

Israel - November 15 2016 A Deloitte report released earlier this year describes 38 Israeli startups currently developing blockchain applications ranging across the entire…

Roy Keidar

Why Israel's Banks Will Unite Over Blockchain

Israel - October 31 2016 The general consensus is that there is huge potential in blockchain technology. Some say it may be as big as the Internet itself, doing for…

Roy Keidar, Yuval Shalheveth

An Initial Review of the Recent Bitfinex Bitcoin Hack

Global - August 7 2016 "It is still unclear how 120,000 units of Bitcoin digital currency, worth an estimated $72 million, were stolen from the Hong-Kong based Bitfinex…

Roy Keidar

Regulating blockchain: the Israeli block in the chain

Israel - July 20 2016 Bitcoin, the first truly decentralized virtual currency, emerged onto the financial markets in 2009. Its origins and the enigmatic Satoshi Nakomoto…

Roy Keidar