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The Supreme Court of Korea Provided a New Legal Principle Regarding Inventiveness for Crystalline Form Inventions

South Korea - July 20 2022 In the recent case of determining inventiveness applicable to a new crystalline form invention (Supreme Court, 2018Hu10923, March 31, 2022), the…

Min Seung Ku

Korean Supreme Court Provides Clarity on Web Scraping and Violation of the Relevant Korean Laws, including the Copyright Act and Information Protection Act (Supreme Court, 2021Do1533, May 12, 2022)

South Korea - July 20 2022 On May 12, 2022, the Korean Supreme Court held in Case No. 2021Do1533 that scraping publicly available data from a competitor's website does not…

Ha Young Kim, Yong Min Lee, Hyeong Joo Lim

Supreme Court En Banc Decision Removes Legal Defense of Later-registered Trademark or Patent

South Korea - July 30 2021 On March 18, 2021, Korea's Supreme Court issued an en banc decision which denied recognition, as a legal defense, to the argument that a defendant…

Min Seung Ku

Citing Co-ownership of Trade Secrets, a Lower Court Decision Continues the Trend of Limiting Trade Secret Protections

South Korea - July 30 2021 In a recent criminal case where employees of Toptec were indicted on charges of unauthorized release of trade secrets to a foreign country, the Suwon…

Ha Young Kim, Hyeong Joo Lim

In brief: protection of trade secrets South Korea

South Korea - October 3 2020 This Q&A covers the essential legal and practical considerations surrounding the protection of trade secrets in South Korea.

Jeong Yeol Choe, Hyo Jun Lee, Jin Son