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Summary of President-elect Yoon’s Policy Pledge & Impacts on Industries

South Korea - March 18 2022 Supply at least 2.5 million houses for five years through the relaxation of Regulations on housing supply/redevelopment, reconstruction and…

Sang Wook Cho, Jeong Yeol Choe, Yong Whan Choi, Cecil Saehoon Chung, Sung Wook Eun, Jae Hyung Jang, Hong Kim, Sung Bom Park, Ju Bong Park, Young Su Shin, Doil Son, Kim, Dong Soo

Court Dismisses Application Seeking Authorization for Securities-related Class Action against Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers

South Korea, United Kingdom - December 28 2018 Seoul Western District Court recently rendered a decision dismissing an application by minority shareholders of Tongyang Networks Co., Ltd…

Dong Ryul Choi, Sun Kyoung Kim, Lim, Jai Yun