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Korean Government Releases Guidelines for De-Identification of Personal Information

South Korea - July 6 2016 On June 30, 2016, various South Korean government agencies including the Korea Communications Commission, the Financial Services Commission, the…

Doil Son, Kyoung Yeon Kim, Yong Yun.

Active Enforcement of Newly-Adopted One-Year Data Retention Limit in Korea

South Korea - January 21 2016 On Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016 the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) issued corrective orders and imposed fines on eight (8) information and…

Carr, Brendon, Doil Son, Kum Ju Son, Yong Hee Yoon, Yoon, Hee Woong.

Korea Communications Commission Releases Guidelines on “the Right to be Forgotten”

South Korea - May 27 2016 On April 29, 2016, the Korea Communications Commission ("KCC") issued the Guidelines on the Right to Request Access Restrictions on Personal Internet…

Doil Son, Kyoung Yeon Kim, Yong Hee Yoon.

KCC Announced “Guidelines on Protection of Personal Information for Customized Online Ads”

South Korea - February 23 2017 The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) issued a press release on February 7, 2017 announcing its publication of “Guidelines on Protection of…

Doil Son, Seung Hyuck Han, Sun Hee Kim.

Patent Invalidation: Lutronic v. BTL Holdings Ltd.

South Korea - August 8 2017 On February 14, 2017 the Korean Intellectual Property Tribunal ("KIPT") ruled in favor of Lutronic and against BTL Holdings Ltd. ("BTL") in a patent…

Dong Soo Han, Jeong Hoon Hwang, Myung Hoon Kim, Seung Jo Kim.