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Summary of President-elect Yoon’s Policy Pledge & Impacts on Industries

South Korea - March 18 2022 Supply at least 2.5 million houses for five years through the relaxation of Regulations on housing supply/redevelopment, reconstruction and…

Moon, Il Bong, Sang Wook Cho, Yong Whan Choi, Cecil Saehoon Chung, Sung Wook Eun, Jae Hyung Jang, Hong Kim, Sung Bom Park, Ju Bong Park, Young Su Shin, Doil Son, Kim, Dong Soo

In brief: protection of trade secrets South Korea

South Korea - October 3 2020 This Q&A covers the essential legal and practical considerations surrounding the protection of trade secrets in South Korea.

Samuel SungMok Lee, Hyo Jun Lee, Jin Son

Q&A: enforcement proceedings for trade secrets in South Korea

South Korea - October 3 2020 A Q&A guide to enforcement proceedings and remedies for trade secrets disputes in South Korea, including procedural considerations, limitation periods, rules on evidence, remedies available and more.

Samuel SungMok Lee, Hyo Jun Lee, Jin Son

Substantial Risks Created for Foreign Companies by New Korean Regulations on the Taking of Technical Materials and Ideas from SMEs

South Korea - May 28 2018 New regulations protecting small and medium enterprises ("SMEs") from improper influence exerted by large companies will come into effect in the near…

Samuel SungMok Lee, Hyeong Joo Lim

Korean Courts to Hear Patent and Trademark Cases in English and Other Foreign Languages

South Korea - November 28 2017 On November 24, 2017, the Korean Assembly passed a bill to amend the Court Organization Act (“the Amendment”), which will allow civil suits involving…

Jay Hoon Byun, Samuel SungMok Lee, Yong Min Lee